Saturday, 21 January 2012

Do you want to be prosecuted?


Who will? That too knowingly?

Unfortunately I had seen many companies that get translated their documents, especially all the legal documents, like patents, agreements, judicial decisions, immigration papers, government orders, employee-employer related documents, riles, regulations, Acts etc etc., very badly through someone who is not qualified, not a native or an expert knowing such legal terms to mean exactly the same in the target language also. Many companies are satisfied by paying less for such jobs as such the translating companies also engage worthless translators who translate in a hurry and the payment being low, the review and the proof reading also do not bother to go through such documents minutely. This has resulted later in the prosecution of the company that presents the translated documents in a case or dismissal of the case in favour of the opponents.

If I own a company, I will do the following:

1. I will not force the translating company to rush up.
2. I will agree to pay reasonable well.
3. I will ensure that the translator is qualified, experienced and a native in translating such documents.
4. I will ask the translating company to undertake the responsibility to certify the authenticity of the translation.
5. I will make the company agree to return the money paid for such poor translation if that was the reason for the prosecution or failure or loss of business.
6. I will engage another company like Dobash Trans to verify the document myself for authenticity since such companies do not run companies to make money but personally understand the languages they are dealing with.

Is it not foolishness to entrust such an important job to a translating company that is headed by a person who is not aware of the language?

In Dobash Trans, we translate only in three languages, English, Tamil and Hindi since our company is headed by a person who is well versed in these languages. You can be  rest assured for the best Tamil translation in Dobash Trans.

I strongly suggest all the companies that are interested to get their translation in Tamil or English to approach Dobash Trans only to be on the safer side.


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